Yamuna River Bike Tour

USD from/per person 40.00


Yamuna River Bike Tour

The Yamuna River Tour is a cycling tour that includes no visit of the Taj Mahal
or the Agra fort, but still offers some unique of-the- beaten-track views of
these Unesco World Heritage Monuments.
In this tour we pass the historical English colonial bridge and discover the
rural landscape of the Left Bank of the city. We walk and cycle through a
rural village and we take a rest at the Mehtab Garden. There we enjoy an
amazing view of the Taj Mahal from the other side of the river.
In the second part of the trip we cycle to the old, oriental bazaar.
Here we will take you behind the curtain, through narrow alleys to discover
ancient temples, colourful markets and appetizing food stalls.
At the beginning or the end of our trip (depending the best condtions) we
make a small boat trip on the Yamuna river next to the Taj Mahal river bank
to add more unforgettable memories on your camera.


Duration: 3-4 hrs
Price: USD 40