Agra City Bike Tour

USD from/per person 30.00


Agra by Bike

Agra by Bike offers travellers an unusual, exciting experience in one of the most
interesting cities in India. Our tours take you off the beaten tracks and show you
another side of the ancient Mughal capital and the Indian countryside, far away
from the crowded tourist areas.

Apart from the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, for most of the tourists the city of Agra is
usually a confusing experience. Streets and places are crowded with cars, people
and animals. Many people want to help you, some are friendly but some might take
advantage of your lack of experience.

Agra By Bike offers a wide range of tours by bicycle, by E-Ricksha and walking
tours. A tour specially designed for people who are only one day in Agra is the
Full Day Heritage Tour. Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Boat Ride, Mughal Bazaar and
Indian Country Side, all bundled in one day.

For people who have seen the UNESCO heritage sites already we designed the
unique tours “Agra-The other way”. The Taj Nature & Country Life Tour and
the Yamuna River Tour do not concentrate on the famous attractions (although
some unique views on the Taj will always be there!), but leads the focus of your
camera to places where ordinary tourists rarely will come. In the Oriental Mughal
bazaar we will take you behind the curtain, through narrow alleys to discover
ancient temples, colourful markets and appetizing food stalls. We travel through
villages to discover from short distance the way of life on the Indian country side.
During each tour you will meet smiling faces and friendly greetings along the way.
There will be several occasions for using your camera and videos.

The Agra Bazaar Walking Tour and the E-Ricksha tour (comfortable eco-friendly
touristic 3-wheelers pulled by an electric motor) are alternative experiences for
the bicycles.

At the beginning or the end of our trip (depending the best condtions) we make a small boat trip on the Yamuna river next to the Taj Mahal river bank to add more Unforgettable memories on your camera.