Bike Tours in India (Agra) are you Crazy?

No… We are serious, it’s really fun.

Is biking in India (Agra) is safe?

Yes off course! India is a cycle country; more than 70% people are using cycles in their day today life so it’s a cycle friendly country. And remember we are locals and we cycle here all the time, so you can trust on us to take you on the safest routes that allow you to see the best of our city and its surroundings!

Traffic in India is crazy too, I am Scared?

Don’t be Scared, just follow your guide instructions, and trust them, as you would surely enjoy the tour; you would feel more confident and your scare will vanish after this tour.

How does the Tour work?

Choose your tour plan as per you choice, Meet your guide at the meeting points at given time, collect your bicycles, start your tour by visiting monuments , exploring deep inside the cities , riding with bikes to local places, enjoying the local culture food and street by visiting the beautiful heritage city .

Do we really speak English?

Yes, of course we do! All our tours are in English and your tour guides they speak good English & Hindi too.

I have not cycled for months & years?

Don’t worry at all, there are many like you, that’s the beauty about bicycling, you don’t forget to ride a cycle until your entire life.

Do I really need to be fit?

No, not at all it’s not a bicycle race. Our tours have been specially made for all types of people with their fitness level. Old, young, fat or thin, that doesn’t matter and we really ride very safely and smoothly and take care of everyone. We are happy to guide you through Agra.

Does the tour go inside the monuments?

Yes, apart from Taj Mahal & Agra fort in city tour we don’t have time to visit other monuments from Inside. Our tours focus on giving you a wonderful broad introduction to our city, its culture and lifestyle. We show you small activities, in our way so that you have better idea what city has to offer you besides from some important monuments, and therefore after our tour you can also plan to visit all the different places that interests you.

What does the price include?

Price includes: An elegant and easy ride of bicycles, about 4 to 6 hours (depend upon your tour timings) of fun, with your knowledgeable guide, in a small group of maximum 10-12 cycling tourists.

Does the cost include the tickets for the monuments to?

No, ticket prices for the Monument are not included.

Where do we meet? Where do the tours start?

All our tours start from famous touristic square Fathehabad Road, Agra Opposite Costa Coffee (Near Hotel Amar). Your guide will be waiting for you before 15min. of the tour starts. You can easily recognize your guide with a Logo or picture of the Company, Agra By Bike. Once everyone is together we will walk towards the bicycle stand or your guide can also bring the bikes, Guide will brief you about the tour and give you some tips for Bicycling in Agra, and then finally the ride starts

How many people are their on the tours?

All our tours are limited between 10 -12 people maximum to ensure safety and quality time with the guide.

Are there any breaks during the Tours?

Yes sure. Besides all of the regular stops we will be stopping round the monuments, if you want to do some small shopping , and we will also take a lunch/snack break for about 30-45 minutes during all of our tours.

What kind of bikes do you have?

Interesting. We’ve got Indian road cruisers; they are comfortable and very easy to ride. The cruisers come in both Men’s and Women’s adult models. For all the younger cyclists we have some standard street bikes that are also cool, and easy to use, so please inform us in advance if you really need small bikes.

Taj Mahal is closed on Friday, then how the tour works?

A: Yes, Taj Mahal is closed on Friday, Tour will be same Instead of visiting Taj Mahal from inside, we will visit from the backside behind the beautiful River Yamuna , the place is also known as Mehtabh bagh.

What if it rains?

We love Rain. Don’t worry at all. It rains or shines, we never stop. In Agra the rainy season is July & August, Its very rare to rain other than these months, we also provide bicycles raincoats (ponchos). Agra looks charming in the rain, some roads are like rivers, if tour is cancel you will get full refund.

Are reservations really required?

Reservations are always recommended, but not necessary, it just gives you more confidence and a peace of mind, if you have missed to book, you are always welcome to check with us about any availability.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

According to the Indian law, a cyclist does not require to wear a helmet, if you need helmet just request during the time of reservations, we will try to provide you.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand there are emergencies and change of mind; we do appreciate your decision. Just inform us as early as possible. Free Cancellations.

Do you accept credit cards?

No, sorry we do not accept credit cards. We only accept Cash.

Do I need to collect my bike before the tour?

No, you do not need to collect your bike before the tour. After meeting with your tour guide at the meeting point, all will go together to pick up the bicycles from the stand or else your guide will be there with your cycles.

I want to go Fatehpur Sikri, It's not in your tour?

Yaah we know, Fatehpur sikri is a beautiful monument which is 45km(one way) far from Agra, around 1 hr drive from City, So we really don’t want to cycle so far, but we arrange Taxi for Fatehpur sikri sightseeing on charges.

Who will be our bike tour guide?

Moses and John, they are really rocking guys, you will love their company, they all are from Agra, and they love Agra and its history, and riding bikes.

I dint find my answer here?

Ahh, we are sorry, please drop your questions on mosesbiketours@gmail.com we will reply you back soon.

Will I be able to take photos?

Sure! We make several stops and we are also happy to take photos with you. If you see something interesting in the streets while riding, just tell us we can stop. We understand you don’t want to miss anything beautiful and exciting.

What should I wear?

Just wear something which makes you feel comfortable during riding the bicycles, and off course respectful you are in India, and take your sunglasses and hats, It can be sunny.

Do you have a follow up vehicle if we get tired?

No, Not at all, it’s not Tour de France, but your guide will be there to help you always.

Do you offer hotel pickups?

You are lucky! If you book through reservation well in advance we can arrange a Hotel Pickup.